Missing Person Reading

It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these readings, and I can’t really explain what prompted me to do this one, other than it’s a complusion that often feels that it comes from somewhere other than me. In my book, “Tarot: A Witch’s Journey”, I included several missing person/criminal case readings; some have been solved and others have not. I’ve never publicly posted a reading for a case that was still open and on-going in the glare of the public eye, so this is a new venture for me. I think the biggest deterent to doing readings like this for most psychics is the fear of being ‘wrong’. Psychic readings are not, after all, an exact science. But as I’ve said many times before– I’ve never regretted anything I’ve said in any psychic reading; but I have regretted many things that I left unsaid.

I am aware of this case, but I have not been following it closely in the news, so I don’t know what’s been found or where, who all the characters are in the scenario, or where the case stands right now. I have not attempted to look at the information that ‘s come to me during this reading in a logical manner; I simply wrote down what came to mind, what showed up in the cards, and the answers that I received with my pendulum. I simply pass along the information received, I don’t try to explain it.

Missing Person Reading


Subject: “Baby Lisa”

Lisa Irwin

Kansas City, Missouri

Disappeared: October 3, 2011

Six cards were drawn, laid in pyramid fashion, i.e. three cards at the top in the first row, two cards beneath that, and a single card at the bottom. I call this my ‘window’, and this gives me a basic foundational look at the overall picture. To expand this information, that is to learn more from any one of the cards laid in this original spread, I will remove this card from the pyramid and draw three more cards for it. This is the general way I begin a reading.

The Pyramid:

Knight/wands ®………10/wands ®………Queen/pentalces

10/swords………2/wands ®


First impressions:

As I begin turning the cards with my left hand, I have a pen in my right hand and I begin jotting down whatever comes into my mind, whether it makes any sense or not, often I am not even looking at the paper I’m writing on, but stay focused on the cards. The result is that when I refer to this sheet of paper, I will see things written all over it in a helter-skelter fashion. The idea is not to think or dwell on ideas or impressions, but just to jot them down as quickly as they pop into my head, the reason being that my sub-conscious thought process is much more aware than that part of my mind that deals with logic.

The following narrative is my first impression of these cards:

Ran away/charging to the rescue/thundering- pounding/arrogant & loyal/a waning moon/a leather belt/a crossroads- water- butterflies/a great burden or weight/a woman who does not see- denial/blind/denial/a pile of logs or wood- feathers-reptiles/waiting by the water/reptiles-wood-feathers/the mother/earth/garden/poppies/logs-trees-timber/a stone barrier/butterflies-moths-water/death- cut, stabbed, pierced

Second impressions:

After jotting down the first impression of each individual card, I’ll look at the pyramid as a whole and see what type of information, if any, unfolds. Most of the time, the cards will tell a story:

The first thing that comes to mind is that two individuals are involved in Baby Lisa’s disappearance, and these individuals share a deep connection or partnership of some kind. The ten of swords, in my readings, is the closest that comes to any card for showing a death. At any rate, it’s never a good sign and generally smacks of foreboding dark energy. The female character involved in Lisa’s disappearance either acted rashly, not thinking things through clearly; or she was not the major participant in this event, but rather was more of an accomplice. Her main contribution to this scenario right now is her lack of will to reveal needed information.

At this point, I’m going to draw more cards for some of the original cards first laid to expand the story:

Queen of Pentacles

7/wands ®………The Magician………Page/pentacles ®

The Queen, I feel, represents the female involved in Lisa’s disappearance, and I believe that in this case, it may be a maternal figure. This is a woman who feels caught between two strong male figures, which leaves her with a sense of helplessness in some aspect and an inability to act on her own, either because of intimidation, the desire to protect someone, or fear.

The following cards– the magician and the page of pentacles seems to represent two separate male figures, and one of them possesses more control in this situation than the other. One has more power and a dominant position within the triangle, and one is more reckless and questionable– both in character and behavior. The page indicates that one of these male figures may be considerably younger than the other.

The seven of wands indicates conflict within this group, which can include power plays, disagreements, and feelings of defensiveness.


The Tower ®………3/cups ®………The Sun ®

These cards indicate that there was some cataclysmic event which most likely led to the injury or death of Baby Lisa. The cards point to three individuals being involved, though it’s not clear whether these individuals were all involved together at the moment of the event, or whether someone came into this scenario after the fact. The cards do leave me with the impression that whatever this horrific event was, it may have been an accident at the beginning, leading to a conspiracy to hide the fact afterwards.

The reading above offers a scenario, along with a cast of possible suspects or characters connected to the story. However, the fact remains that someone is physically missing and more detailed information is required in order to find this person. Tarot cards don’t provide this type of information for me. In order to gather more detailed data through psychic means, I used a map and my pendulum.

This first pendulum reading done here, is done with a rough hand-drawn map that gives me perimeters stemming from the original location, in this case the house and yard, and gradually broadening out mile by mile from the central spot. I take it one step at a time, beginning in the center of the map, which in this case is the house, and moving in an ever widening circle, asking precise questions as I go. The four cardinal points of the compass are also indicated on this map– north, east, south, and west.

1. Is Baby Lisa physically within the house?


2. Is Baby Lisa physically within the garage?

Yes. The pendulum indicated that evidence could be found in this area. On my hand-drawn map, I added a ‘garage’ onto the east side of the building, though in reality, I’m unfamiliar with the house and grounds. I just wanted to be able to exclude a garage or attached garage, if there is one; and I inadvertently add this attachment to the east side of the main location (the house).

3. Is Baby Lisa physically in the yard, or on the grounds, that goes with this house?

Yes. Apparently there is evidence that can be found in this area. I haven’t been following this case closely, so I’m not sure what may already have been discovered, if anything, or where, so I want to narrow this general question down to be more specific about the direction within the yard where this evidence can be found.

4. Is Baby Lisa physically located in the north side of the yard?


5. Is Baby Lisa physically located in the west side of the yard?


6. Is Baby Lisa physically located in the south side of the yard?


7. Is Baby Lisa physically located in the east side of the yard?

Yes. Once again, the pendulum gave a positive response when held over the map on the east side of the main location, which is the house. I don’t know if there is a garage on this side of the building, but if there is, or if there is an outbuilding of some kind located here, it’s indicated that evidence can be found in this location. If the authorities have already searched this area, which I presume they have, I would tell them to look again.


4 thoughts on “Missing Person Reading

  1. Kay, I’ve finished the reading for Katelyn, and I have to say that at first it took off in a completely different direction than I expected, but it soon falls into place. I hope there will be something helpful here…

    Missing Person Reading

    Subject: Katelyn Markham
    Fairfield, Ohio

    [I’ve used the same method for this
    reading that is described above.]

    The Empress………The Emporer ®………10/cups

    5/pentacles ®………Justice


    First impressions: Someone stands to benefit in some way financially through Katelyn’s disappearance. This is not saying that the individual(s) who will gain financial benefits from her disappearance were involved in any way, it’s just one of the first pieces of information to make itself known.

    However, this theme is strong enough within this reading, that I feel the authorities should check out insurance policies that seem unusual by the connection, i.e. boyfriends or acquaintances, fellow employees or bosses, who might have taken a policy out on Katelyn. They should look at anything of this nature that raises eyebrows– and questions. Keep an eye open for someone who suddenly has money coming out their ears after Katelyn’s disappearance, but who did not have funds before she disappeared. This would certainly include sudden extravagant spending.

    I have to say that this group of cards seems strange to me, and it’s not what I was expecting. It takes the case in a different turn than my logical mind was running, so I’m going to have to set aside preconceived notions or ideas, which basically you have to do anyway with this type of reading, and go with the flow of the cards, even if it feels strange to me.

    The cards appear to be telling me the story of a family, rather than a story of an individual. The Empress– is mother; the Emperor– is father; and the ten of cups reversed tells me that all is not necessarily happy or well in the home…and the crux of this is that I’m not sure if the cards are referring to a time before Katelyn’s disappearance, or afterwards– which would certainly account for the unhappy family on the card.

    The second row of cards– the five of pentacles and the card of Justice imply that someone is/was going through the judicial system in some way, and this action was related to finances. The first thing that came to mind here was a bankruptcy. Whatever sort of legal action this is, I feel that it’s related to a negative financial venture for an individual(s).

    The six of pentacles is probably the strangest card for me– it tells me that suddenly someone has money. And this seems to be the subject that is at the core of this reading.

    I am definitely going to have to pull more cards…

    Knight/cups………2/wands………5/wands ®

    First impressions: a young male involved in a partnership or connection of some kind, and within this contact there is bickering, disagreement, and sparring– though whether this sparring is physical or verbal is not clear.

    I feel that the young man is linked to Katelyn in some way, though I’m not sure if the connection was a serious one, or whether the connection was more casual, or whether this individual was someone that Katelyn didn‘t even know. The longer that I view these cards, the more they lead me to feel that this young man was involved in an assault. The thing is that I’m not getting any particulars about this individual.



    Abstract ideas come through these cards, the main one being that Katelyn may be buried.

    [At this point I’m going to use the pendulum, as the cards just feel so odd, and since I’m completely unfamiliar with this case, I’m going to use Katelyn’s home as a center starting point and work out from this area in a circular fashion. This is going to be done exactly as I did in the reading above, with a rough map– This gives me something to focus the pendulum on.]

    After going through a series of questions, just as I did in the reading above, the pendulum indicated that evidence for this case can be found four miles south of Katelyn’s home. In my questions about direction, I included not only the four cardinal points– north, east, south, west; I also included NE, SE, SW, NW.

    After the pendulum reading, being curious about what exactly was four miles south of Katelyn’s home, as I’m totally unfamiliar with the area, I laid three more cards.


    The cards indicate that the young man who showed up in the reading is connected with this area in some way. I would suggest that authorities start looking for young men connected to Katelyn who live in this area; young men with any record of assault who may live in this area; or sexual offenders who live in this area.

  2. So fascinating to read this…I don’t have the knowledge to work with the tarot, but when it comes to missing persons, and almost always when they are children, I often end up finding out that my initial impressions when seeing the first interviews or media coverage of the event, turn out to be correct in the end.

    I also feel that the mother figure in this story is holding back very important information and/or hiding information to protect either herself or someone very close to her. The idea of a tragic accident (perhaps caused by anger/ frustration/ inability to deal with something) and a panicked cover-up following, also came to me immediately. They mention a dog…I think the dog has some importance but I am not sure in which way.

    I have kept up with most of the news on this case…but my impressions do not really change, the demeanor of the parents leaves me thinking “What are they doing?” I feel that there are lies which keep falling apart and being put together hastily in new ways….the old saying of “What a web we weave when first we practice to deceive.” comes to mind foremost.

    As a mother, and someone who has always, even since I was a little child, loved babies with a maternal maturity – I cannot put myself in the place of someone who would harm an innocent soul like Lisa, not even accidentally…so when I try to understand what is happening in this case, I feel a sort of…despair at how it is being handled – how can it keep getting more confusing, more deceitful….instead of just coming out with either a heartwrenchingly sorrowful confession of something gone awfully wrong, or desperately trying to help the police and anyone willing to listen to PLEASE find my child…

    When I see those images of little Lisa (and they are from months ago, from when she was an infant – not a 10 month old)…my heart sinks each time. If my child was kidnapped and missing all this time, I would be inconsolable. I can’t connect with these parents but realize I cannot expect them to act the way I imagine I would act, that is unfair…but I can only look at this in my own context and with my impressions, and I feel very sad about this outcome.

    I hope I am wrong.

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