Chakras & The Tarot

You can read tarot for the chakras, the seven main energy centers found in the human body and connected to physical organs and their functions. By doing so you will receive invaluable insight into not only your client’s emotional well being, but also their physical strengths and weaknesses, often revealing health issues which need to be addressed.

The Chakras
From the bottom up:

Root Chakra

Location: in the perineum, at the base of the spine

Organs: adrenal gland

Color: red

Element: Earth

Crystals/Stones: smoky quartz, bloodstone, ruby, hematite

Planet: Saturn

Astrological Connection: Capricorn

Positive Archetype: Mother

Negative Archetype: Victim

The root chakra is connected to our base primal instinct for survival. It encompasses the ancient wild side of our persona…the fight or flight instinct, the overpowering urge to sustain our life at all costs. It’s this chakra that comes into play when we feel threatened, when we are faced with a physical challenge, and when we come up against insurmountable odds. It is the strength of this chakra that pushes us to do whatever we must in order to survive.

Sacral Chakra

Location: two inches below the navel, two inches into the pelvis

Organs: ovaries/testes

Color: orange

Element: Water

Crystals/Stones: citrine, carnelian, tiger’s eye

Planet: Jupiter

Astrological Connection: Cancer, Scorpio

Positive Archetype: Emperor/Empress

Negative Archetype: Martyr

The sacral chakra enables us to enjoy pure unadulterated pleasure. This chakra is linked to the world of our emotions, our desires, and the fulfillment of whatever is found here. The sacral chakra connects to the ‘feel-good’ energy of the universe, and when it is working properly it allows us to experience pleasure without guilt. In a damaged state, this chakra can create all kinds of aberrations, with behavior and mental issues stemming from overwhelming guilt and the need to survive it.

Solar Plexus

Location: directly below the sternum

Organs: pancreas

Color: yellow

Element: Fire

Crystals/Stones: amber, topaz, citrine

Planet: Mars, Sun

Astrological Connection: Aries, Leo

Positive Archetype: Warrior

Negative Archetype: Servant

The Solar Plexus is connected to our ego, our self-worth, our inner strength, and our ability to stand up for ourselves and recognize our voice as valuable. This chakra enables us to make decisions with resolve; it celebrates our freedom of choice. The health of this chakra determines the amount of moxie you have.

Heart Chakra

Location: center of the chest

Organs: the heart

Color: pink, green

Element: Water

Crystals/Stones: pink rose quartz, aventurine, jade

Planet: Venus, Sun

Astrological Connection: Libra, Taurus

Positive Archetype: Lover

Negative Archetype: Cynic

The heart chakra rules our emotions and our ability to love, to love ourselves and to love others unconditionally. A healthy heart chakra allows us to feel fully compassion and empathy for all living things. A dysfunctional heart chakra renders us incapable of real love and leaves us stoic and cynical, unable to successfully connect in relationships of various kinds or on a variety of levels.

Throat Chakra

Location: the base of the throat

Organs: vocal chords, larynx

Color: light blue, turquoise

Element: Air, the ether (containing all energy)

Crystals/Stones: blue lace agate, turquoise

Planet: Mercury

Astrological Connection: Gemini, Virgo

Positive Archetype: The Communicator

Negative Archetype: The Mute

The throat chakra centers on communication, verbal communication, that which is sacred to us– our voice. A healthy throat chakra allows us to express ourselves with fluidity and eloquence; a dysfunctional throat chakra renders us unable to communicate our thoughts successfully.

Brow Chakra

Location: between and slightly above the eyebrows

Organs: eyes, sinuses

Color: indigo

Element: Water

Crystals/Stones: lapis lazuli, sodalite

Planet: Moon

Astrological Connection: Sagittarius, Pisces

Positive Archetype: Wise-Woman

Negative Archetype: Intellectual

This is the chakra of the Third Eye, our intuitive center, the psychic aspect of our human existence. This chakra allows us to connect with the universe on a magickal level; this chakra allows us access to information and knowledge we would otherwise have no way of tapping into. When this chakra is not working correctly, our intuition is shut down, and with it the link to our inner selves.

Crown Chakra

Location: the top (crown) of the head

Organs: brain, spinal cord

Color: purple (violet)

Element: all four– earth, air, fire, water

Crystals/Stones: amethyst, purple fluorite, alexandrite

Planet: the Universe

Astrological Connection: Aquarius

Positive Archetype: Priestess/Priest

Negative Archetype: Egotist

The Crown Chakra allows us to intellectually connect with higher powers. It allows us to tap into spirituality with an underlying understanding that we are part of a larger plan, a bigger picture. It connects us to the Source, also known as God, the Goddess, the All, Jehovah, and by many other names. It connects us to the creator as well as the creation.

Tarot: A Chakra Reading
From the top down:

Crown Chakra:
The Lovers, 9/wands, Queen/wands

Every relationship you’ve ever had, or attempted, has been negatively influenced by destructive patterns brought about by childhood experiences and possibly past life experiences. This has resulted in a disconnect with the spiritual side of yourself, and the spiritual side of relationships, and you cannot form successful love relationships that are grounded only in the physical realm. To remedy this and to insure success in future relationships, it’s imperative that you find the light and connect, whatever spiritual path you choose.

Brow Chakra:
10/wands, King/Wands ®, The Magician ®

The burdens of life and the control of an individual or a group of individuals in your life has caused a short-circuit with the intuitive side of yourself, and thus, with the most powerful aspect of your being. The key to repairing this disconnect with your psychic center is to regain control of your life, to become better organized on a variety of levels. Learn to delegate responsibilities, to regain control of personal decisions, and to embrace this inner power with confidence.

Throat Chakra:
8/cups ®, 9/swords ®, 2/cups ®

In your life you’ve suffered the end of a relationship with all the anxiety and emotions that come with it. The result is that your feelings of loss and anguish have overwhelmed your throat chakra, leaving you unable to voice your thoughts, to speak up in the face of confrontation or authority, in essence it has crippled you as far as communication is concerned. In order to recover your voice, figuratively if not literally, you are going to have to dissolve the lump in your throat and consciously clear the way for honest open communication.

Heart Chakra:
9/pentacles, King/cups, Page/cups

Your heart is open and ready for love, the real and solid kind that has staying power and often involves serious commitment. And as well it should be, for the Page tells us that the opportunity for a relationship is very close, if not already underway and in its early stages. The openness of your heart chakra will allow for the growth of all that could be wished for in a love relationship. Though your voice may be muted, your emotions are most certainly not, although this predicament can make progress difficult.

Solar Plexus:
Judgment, 3/wands, 6/swords ®

Your past, which stemmed around a very conventional somewhat strict upbringing, has negatively influenced your feelings of self-worth. You were judged harshly in the past by family or peers, and you tend to judge yourself too harshly today. It’s a vicious circle. I believe that you were also the victim of verbal abuse at some time in your past, abuse that was regular enough and harsh enough to damage this chakra. To remedy this, you have to reach deep and banish this negativity, learning to value and love yourself in the process.

Sacral Chakra:
The Hierophant ®, Page/swords ®, 5/swords

Again, the past reaches forth to touch the present. The very strict moral compass that you were exposed to in your younger years still reigns supreme in your life today. This causes you to experience unnecessary guilt and confusion in the present, most of which stems around sexuality and other areas of physical enjoyment, such as food and drink, or anything which brings physical satisfaction. This chakra is most likely blocked and needs to be cleared and re-energized. It is your Achilles heel.

Root Chakra:
Knight/cups ®, Temperance, The Moon ®

The strength of this chakra and it’s balance is what’s holding it all together for you. This is probably how you survived the verbal abuse, though scarred, survive you did. It has also led to two extremes in your personality, one is ineffectual and compliant; the other can actually be cutthroat and it’s operation is not surprising– abused individuals often wind up becoming abusive individuals. You tend to act as you were taught, by example. The difference is that the chakras which were affected by the early trauma have actually kept your level of abuse low and often ineffectual. The real damage was done to yourself.

This individual has several problem areas within the chakras, which results in both physical and emotional manifestations. I wouldn’t be surprised if there are physical issues with the throat area, including recurring bouts of laryngitis, stuttering, tonsillitis, sore throats, repeated bouts of strep throat, etc. The solar plexus, sacral, and root chakras are the next most keenly affected, which can manifest in this instance as issues with sexuality, perhaps resulting in frigidity, impotence, confused sexual identity, an inability to accept or embrace their sexuality– whether gay or straight, or even perversions of some sort, and this type of behavior would stem from extreme guilt and a confused effort to deal with it.


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  1. Silversun uses Tarot also to detect strong and weak chakras. 🙂
    I find them rather inciteful. Until then it hadn’t occured to me the number of uses that Tarot has.

    1. The tarot is certainly an amazing and versastile tool! Also, I find it fasinating the way everything in the occult/esoteric world is linked.

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