Past to Present Enchanted Day

Mark your calendar! 

Lemuria Creations Presents:
Past to Present Enchanted Day
At the Opera House

I’ll be giving tarot readings in Fremont, Nebraska, Sunday, July 15, 10am-4pm @ the historical Love-Larsen Opera House, during John C. Fremont Days.  I’ll also have my books available for sale:

541 North Broad St.,
Fremont NE

Love-Larson Opera House

The theater was built by James Wheeler Love in 1888. In 1905 it was purchased by Louis P. Larson and renamed the L. P. Larson Opera House. The three-story brick and stone building is a landmark in the town of Fremont and is one of the largest opera houses still remaining in the United States. The first floor has always been used as a business location with the Opera House above. Seating capacity originally 1,100. The dark red brick with lighter sandstone trim is characteristic of the popular Romanesque Revival style. The Opera House is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.



5 thoughts on “Past to Present Enchanted Day

    • I believe so, Shirley. I adore older vintage buildings as well, and it kills me when some communities tear down their historical structures without batting an eye. You’d think they would want to preserve some history.

  1. Ooo Most theaters (including opera houses) are haunted or rather have an awful lot of residual energy and a spirit or two, enjoy! I have worked in a few theatres and sometimes mysterious things happen in there- okay almost always LOL. Enjoy 🙂

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