Three Scenarios ~ three people? or all the same poor soul?

Once again, there are three people in this reading, maybe these are three completely separate individuals dealing with their own lives and their own personal dilemmas…

Or is this all one person?

  • 1)  2/swords; 3/pentacles

You are  being bombarded with unwelcome advice and criticism.  In the midst of this bombardment, caught in the act of trying to protect and defend yourself, you lose sight of what it is you’re working towards and which direction you want to go.  You thought you had it figured out, you thought you had it carefully planned, you thought it would work.  But these voices, these people and the chaotic confusing energy they are creating has interfered with your mind and your train of thought.

Advice/solutions: King/cups — reversed

Follow your heart.  Discard the negative opinions being shot your way, or even the negative people, if this is how far you want to go. Know that your own instinctive intuitive knowledge is correct.  Know that you had it right the first time, all those plans, all those ideas and goals.  Know that sometimes in life there are people who are actually afraid of someone else’s success, someone else’s bold plans and actions, because they themselves are scared and insecure.

  • 2)  Page/wands — reversed; The Chariot — reversed

You may feel totally upended.  You had something planned, you were ready to go, and wham — someone did something to knock the energy, passion, and enthusiasm right out from under you.  You seem to have lost your desire as well, for this thing you were ready to do, this place you were ready to go, perhaps this person  you were running towards.

It’s like the air has been let out of your balloon.  

What happened?  What did they do?  What were you told?  What did you discover?  What was revealed?  What was the turning point for you, that maybe changed your mind?

Advice/solution:  3/cups — reversed

Leave the crowd behind, leave the clique behind; leave behind other people’s expectations, and unnecessary burdens, and impossible standards.  Step away from an individual, or a group, that are clouding your judgement, making you question your decisions and choices, making you feel unsure of the world around you and of reality itself.

Step away into the lovely oblivion of introspection.  Reacquaint yourself with the world as you last saw it, when your visions, dreams, and goals were clear, and sharp, and in focus.  Go within to find yourself, and then trust your instincts and move forward.

  • 3)  King/cups — reversed; 2/pentacles — reversed

Your indecision, your inability to make a choice; the idea that you have that this situation can go on indefinitely and doesn’t need immediate attention… this is all maddening to the individuals in your life, specifically the individuals directly connected to this dilemma.

There is the feeling of something, or someone, or a situation being trapped in a strange sense of “limbo”, not being able move forward, or backward, and the idea that with this state of being everything will be lost.  If you would only make a decision and stick to it… that’s the trouble here, you see, that you keep changing your mind.

Advice/solution:  9/cups — reversed

You will never get exactly what you wished for, and even if  you would, it would not live up to what you thought it would be.  Are your expectations too high, or unrealistic, or romanticized?  With this third reading, there is just the most disheartening feeling that you will never be realistically happy, and I hate to end a reading on such a negative note.  So let me leave you with some suggestions:

  • learn to live in the moment
  • know that what you have right now may be all you get
  • don’t give up so easily — on a situation, a relationship, an individual, or yourself
  • learn patience

It’s going to be up to you to learn to be content in life.  The ball is in your court.


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