Past Life Regression ~ I’ve always been curious, how about you?

I’ve been doing some reading on past life regression, and I discovered this wonderful article (along with this intriguing blog and author that came with it, her links will be below — in the original blog post).  Be sure to check out her blog, where you will find a plethora of spiritual and new-age topics.

I have actually dabbled in past life regression before, and by “dabbling” I don’t mean frivolously playing, I mean in only briefly.  I’ve always wanted to go further in depth with this topic.  I have used tarot cards to do a handful of past life readings which always proved to be interesting.  The cards were pretty much just a trigger for the subconscious, as they are in all my readings (if you haven’t already noticed this).  Once the cards open the door, the subconscious mind and the intuition and clairs do all the rest.

Anyway, I find this subject fascinating and this article interesting and full of information.  I hope you enjoy it!

click HERE


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