One of Life’s Lessons Learned ~ good job!

Someone has been so thrown for a loop over a significant change in their life:

You didn’t have all the facts, or you most definitely weren’t expecting the tumultuousness of it all.  You might even feel a bit of betrayal, as though someone was keeping something from you, or perhaps even twisting the facts to their benefit, to make their argument stronger, more convincing.

At this point, you may be wishing that you’d taken more time to think it over, or you may be wishing that you had not undertaken this change in the first place, or done it so quickly, or been so naively trusting.  But it’s too late now to retreat.  The best that you can do is find your voice to make your feelings known — loud, and clear, and honest.  The best that you can do now is face the individual that was not forthcoming with all the facts and pin them to the wall with your own knowledge and the pivotal points that you have uncovered through your own research (this is going to be necessary, you know that). 

With all that said, you’ll come out of this wiser, with more self-confidence, and with a keener insight into human nature.  This is one of many life lessons that were waiting for you here, on the physical plane, and there will be more to come.  You’re learning how to handle difficult situations and people, how to dig up pertinent and solid information, and how to confront someone who is not being honest — good job!


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