“Tarot for Grownups” ~ an irreverent look at grownups and life, through tarot

“Tarot for Grownups”… meaning this book is not for kids or the ‘tweens’ who are playing with their first tarot decks: Tarot for Grownups is a no-nonsense book written to tell it like it is in a black and white, cut-and-dried way. This book is written for grownups, and it looks at their world through the magick and mystery of the tarot, addressing adult issues with unabashed candor and a healthy dose of sarcasm.

This book is deliciously irreverent.

If you don’t have a copy, you can purchase one at Amazon by clicking HERE

The following is an excerpt.  It’s a short and sweet list of the Major Arcana cards with an adult twist to the meanings.  In the book, this will be followed up with an up close and more personal look at these cards and what they may imply…

The Major Arcana:
Life in a Shot Glass

0 The Fool: Road sign…“Idiot’s Cross Here”…drive slowly.

1 The Magician: The hand is quicker than the eye.

2 The High Priestess: Use your fricken’head!

3 The Empress: Life is preggers.

4 The Emperor: All man, and don‘t you forget it.

5 The Hierophant: Get a life, for Christ’s sake.

6 The Lovers: Hooking up.

7 The Chariot: Run baby, and don’t look back.

8 Strength: Get a spine.

9 The Hermit: “I ‘vant to be alone.”(Greta Garbo)

10 Wheel of Fortune: Don‘t bet on it.

11 Justice: Holier than thou.

12 The Hanged Man: Pity party.

13 Death: Your mother warned you, and you didn’t listen.

14 Temperance: How dull can it be?

15 The Devil: What you do when no one’s looking.

16 The Tower: Shit happens.

17 The Star: The glass is half full, if you squint.

18 The Moon: Liar, liar, pants on fire.

19 The Sun: Everybody smile…say ‘cheese’.

20 Judgment: I told you so.

21 The World: What goes around comes around.


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