Zodiac Tarot Readings ~ October 2015

My series of astrological tarot readings continues with October and October’s energy for the twelve Sun Signs of the Zodiac.  Also, if you know your Moon Sign, or your Rising Sign, there may be more than one of these videos that will resonate with you, and sometimes this connection is actually just as, if not more, intense and accurate.  At Youtube, in the description box below each video, you’ll find links to FREE and easy calculators that will help you find your Moon and Rising signs.

As some of you know, I’m now a member of the mundane work force with a “real” job (insert smiley face here), which leaves me less time for writing, blogging, and vlogging (insert sad face here), but I’m going to do the best I can to keep up with everything.  If you notice on some of the videos in this series, they were filmed at night (the window behind me is pitch black).  They were actually filmed between 4am-8am, before I left the house to go to work!  See, I’m squeezing things in wherever I can to keep the magick alive! Though I’m not sure I’m going to continue with middle-of-the-night readings 🙂

Anyway, enjoy the videos, and as always, if you want a personal reading with me go to my Tarot Website.



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