Special Sale ~ The Spiritual Feminist

Just in time for Christmas!  Note:  This book was published by Moon Books, and I have no control over the sale and promotion… I do not know how long this special will last!

Special Price ~ The Spiritual Feminist (was $24.99, now $5.29…paperback!) The Spiritual Feminist empowers today’s woman through the Goddess ~

click  HERE

“So many people throughout my life have told me who I am, what I must do, what I can’t do, what I have to complete, and what I will never be able to accomplish, and then I met the Goddess.” (From The Spiritual Feminist) …The Spiritual Feminist empowers today’s modern woman through the Goddess, connecting her to ancient matriarchal divinity and spiritual practices which invoke this energy.



4 thoughts on “Special Sale ~ The Spiritual Feminist

  1. Hi, I can’t like or comment on Ur website. I don’t understand. I get the Electronic device issues that many of us seem to have but I’ve never had trouble commenting until it was toward U. As on FB, both comments posted 2x. I couldn’t even remove the extra ones. Congrats 2U on the New Book. I already have The Spiritual Feminist, tho I’ve had no time to read Amythyst. I’ve so many I need to read. I rejoice in your success esp after I read the Lawyer stated U were “unemployable”. I think that comment had to be said, heard by you although painful. It made U see a path U were not able 2 envision. The path Goddess had placed before you. Blessings


    • Which website, Anne? And are you registered or logged in? I did tighten up my security a little because I was getting some creepy stuff left, so make sure you’re logged in and signed up. I think we’ve successfully proven my ex-husband’s attorney wrong. It was a very stupid thing for him to say, and it definitely gave away his attitude towards stay-at-home-moms. Yes, there was a different direction I needed to go. Blessings! (Let me know if you still have issues with the site!)

  2. I already have this book, but yet to read unfortunately. I can say I know I will connect with its contents. I have another book about Women reconnecting with our deepest primal roots and finding ourselves in the process w/Goddess as our guide directing us upon the path we’ve long been made to forget.

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