Online Tarot Readings

Online tarot readings– these readings are hand written and emailed to you. Choose the reading that’s just right for you: 12 Card Spread/Three Card Spread/The Horoscope Spread/The Traditional Horoscope Spread/Directions & Trends/Gypsy’s Magick Spell/The Pentagram/Desires & Fears/The Path of Desires/Partnership & Relationships/Past Life Reading.

tarot empress 2


3 thoughts on “Online Tarot Readings

  1. The Netherlands! My goodenss 🙂 I’m afraid that I don’t know what deck this card comes from. I found this image at Photobucket, but there was no other information regarding the source. If anyone reading this is familiar with this deck, please leave a message and let us know.

  2. Hi Lady Amythyst,


    Can you please tell me which tarotdeck it is, what is to be seen here? I mean the image of the Empress!
    I hope you will tell me!
    Greetings from the Netherlands!!
    B*B Reny
    (speak: Rainey)

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