Another Book Review! ~ The Spiritual Feminist

Thank you to Vivienne Moss for a wonderful review!

“There is much wisdom and enchantment to be found in The Spiritual Feminist. The amount of information revealed will be welcomed by anyone wanting to travel along the Goddess Path. Amythyst Raine-Hatayama has poured her heart and soul into this charming book and I hope to read more from this wisdom-filled author. I sense this will make a remarkable companion book to Naming the Goddess and many other volumes on Goddess Spirituality…”

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3 thoughts on “Another Book Review! ~ The Spiritual Feminist

  1. I will miss your posts dearly. After tomorrow night I will no longer have a device nor internet to follow you. I want to thank you Amythyst for all the questions I have had answered by you. Goddess lead me to you and I am so grateful for that blessing. Thank You so much. May Goddess continue to bless, guide, direct and protect you and all those you love. BB Amythyst.

    • Oh, my gosh, Anne!! I will miss YOU! Your wonderful spiritual insight; your wisdom; your positive ene4gy; your sense of friendship– I will indeed miss you keenly, Anne. I hope that you will find a way back. Blessings & Love, Amythyst

  2. Congratulations once again Amethyst on another review of your new book. This must be so exciting for you, I know it would be for me. I now own all of your books and am still reading The Gray Witchs Grimoire. You may not recall but I remember telling you I felt your book would bring you much abundance, it is still new, give both time, you are on your way to reaping all that Goddess can provide you. BB, sincerely, Anne Garcia.

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