Magical Connections & Correspondences ~ through the tarot

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We explore all kinds of esoteric connections with the tarot in my big chunky tarot book, The Ultimate Tarot Guide for Your Personal Tarot Journey.  Here’s examples of some of the information that can be found in this five star book including: stones & crystals; health, Kabbalistic health correspondences; astrological sun signs, moon signs, and rising signs; gods and goddesses; the numbers; calculating the numbers for yourself; the planets; and the elements.

Stones, & Crystals 

I love the tarot, and I love crystals and stones. The only thing better than any one of these things is these three things all together. To mix the energy of a tarot card with the corresponding energy of a stone or crystal is to invite magick into your life. I’ve already added one favorite stone to each major arcana card correspondence in the major arcana section, but this energy is so overwhelming, so connective, so inspiring, so creative, that I’m devoting this space to more information and connections on this topic. Let the magick find you! 

The Fool/Green Tourmaline ~ wonder, joy, openness, patience 

The Magician/Quartz Crystal ~ concentration, life force, balance, expansion 

The High Priestess/Agate Geode ~ psychic power, complexity, esoteric knowledge,

etc. etc.


10/swords ~ death, acupuncture, internal bleeding, nervous disorder, back surgery, slipped disk, immune system, exhaustion, chiropractic issues 

2/cups ~ fertility/infertility, venereal disease 

4/cups ~ alcoholism, diet, circulation, dehydration, depression

etc. etc.

Kabbalistic Health Correspondences 

The Fool ~ respiratory organs 

The Magician ~ cerebral nervous system 

The High Priestess ~ lymphatic system

etc. etc.

Astrological Sun Signs/Moon Signs/Rising Signs 

You’ll find a chart similar to this under the section for the suits, listing all the astrological connections, suit by suit – card by card, for pentacles, swords, wands, and cups. However, I’m leaving this section here, as you might want to locate a card for a particular zodiac sign, and this chart will make it very easy to do so. 

Aries ~ Major Arcana: The Emperor 

Minor Arcana:  —

King of Pentacles ~ Aries/Taurus 

Queen of Wands ~ Pisces/Aries 

Two of Wands ~ 1st decan of Aries (Mars) 

Three of Wands ~ 2nd decan of Aries (Sun) 

Four of Wands ~ 3rd decan of Aries (Venus)

etc. etc.

Gods & Goddesses 

I believe that tarot works through Spirit and our connection with the Divine, in whatever pantheon or framework of spirituality that we follow and find comfort with. The following chart is created using the major arcana cards and the pantheons of Egyptian, Sumner-Babylonian, Greek, and Roman gods and goddesses. However, always remember that no matter how many charts and confirmed correspondences there may be for the tarot, once you’ve developed your own relationship with the cards, you may discover unique connections that come to you personally. Don’t question their validity, embrace them as a gift from the Universe. 

The Fool: Egyptian/Bes; Harparkrat; Shu ~ Sumner-Babylonian/Enkidu; Enlil; Ellil ~ Greek/Pan; Zeus; Aeolos ~ Roman/Pan; Silvanus 

The Magician: Egyptian/Ptah; Thoth ~ Sumner-Babylonian/Enki; Ea; Nabu ~ Greek/Hermes; Roman/Mercury 

High Priestess: Egyptian/Isis; Khonsu ~ Sumner-Babylonian/Innana; Ishtar; Nannar; Sin ~ Greek/Demeter; Selene; Artemis; Hecate ~ Roman/Ceres; Luna; Diana
etc. etc.

The Numbers 

Numbers contain energy, and associations, and power, and magick, and potential. Do you have a favorite number? And how did you come by this number? What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? All of the numbers in your life are important and have a direct effect upon you in some manner and at various levels. The entire universe is built upon and works around and through a numerical system, from the number of days it takes Earth to rotate around the sun, to the number of days it takes a fetus to come to term in the womb. Numbers are an integral part of our life and the world around us. The tarot is immersed in numbers. It’s built on a numerical system. The numbers of the tarot cards takes you on individual journeys through higher realms and through your own psyche. In order to more fully understand this journey, we need to have at least a rudimentary look at the numbers themselves. 


Planet: Sun 

Element: Fire 

Letters: a, j, s 

The character: the individualist 

Energies: Developing the self, the All, wholeness, unity, beginnings

etc. etc.

Calculating the Numbers for Yourself 

I’ll use myself as an example for this exercise, Amythyst Raine, born on September 24, 1957. 

1)  Soul Number ~ calculate your soul number by reducing the day of your birth to a single digit: 

2 + 4 = 

2)  Fate Number ~ calculate your fate number by adding all the digits of your birth date (day, month, year) and reducing it to a single digit: 

2 + 4 + 9 + 1 + 9 + 5 + 7 = 37 

3 + 7 = 10 

1 + 0 = 1

etc. etc.

The Planets 

When I first began my own tarot journey, the one thing that I was most struck by was the inter-connectedness of everything. I was amazed to discover that it all works together, all of it, and it’s all tied to the cards: the energies of the planets, of colors, and herbs, and crystals, even to the letters of the alphabet, numbers, and zodiac signs. This realization was an eye-opening “aha” moment. 

Below you’ll find the basic energies and correspondences for the planets. You should know, and some of you will realize, that these correspondences not only relate to the tarot, they also relate to a variety of pagan spiritual paths and are incorporated into the practices of many of us. 

I wanted this book and the information contained here to specifically focus on tarot, and I even toyed with the idea of paring these sections down and trying to keep them solely focused on the cards. I soon realized this was folly. Certain connections exist and cannot be denied without diminishing their energy and their power. 


The Sun is filled with healing and hope, warmth and the promise of growth. It’s imbued with masculine energy and is closely connected to the god. As it pertains to tarot ~ for clients male issues often come to the forefront, their health, happiness, fulfillment, optimism for the future. But it’s energy is also all encompassing for everyone. You’ll find an abundance of strength, unwavering support, and ridiculous amounts of in-your-face positive energy. The future can only be looking up, and if healing is needed in some aspect of your life, you’ll know it’s coming up with the Sun. 

Day of the Week: Sunday 

Color: yellow, gold 

Herbs: angelica, bay, carnation, cedar, chamomile, eyebright, frankincense, ginseng, goldenseal, juniper, marigold mistletoe, peony pineapple, rosemary, St. John’s Wort, sandalwood, sunflower, tea, witch hazel 

Stones: amber, carnelian, diamond, sunstone, tiger’s-eye, topaz (yellow)Element: Fire 

Energies: magick for the god, male health issues, passion, healing, spiritual connection, transformation, relationship issues

etc. etc.

The Elements 

All four elements, Earth ~ Air ~ Fire ~ Water, are also connected to the tarot on a variety of levels… physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I’m not going to list long paragraphs of general correspondences for these elements here, as I’ve already done this in two of my books (The Gray Witch’s Grimoire & Natural Magick the Gray Witch Way). I’m going to concentrate here on their connection to tarot and perhaps a personal choice I have for an herb and stone that connects their energy to me. 

Earth ~ Pentacles 


The Physical Realm 

Tarot: pentacles 

Zodiac: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn 

Planet: Earth 

Color: green 

Direction: north 

Herb: patchouli 

Stone: moss agate

etc. etc.


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